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“To add extra taste to your food, the best option is our masala. Be it sambhar or rasam or any vegetable stuffing, Stuffed masala is a perfect taste maker for it.”
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To continue the legacy of incredible taste of India, we offer a galore of authentic Indian spices – Basic, Blended, Specialty, Whole and Powder!
All our products are hand-picked, triple sifted and nicely blended in fully-automated machines to uphold their quality, flavour and richness.
To spread the rich Indian heritage across the entire globe, we export our spices to various countries including the USA, UK and the Middle East.
We are a fast leading supplier of institutional packs of spices, mainly for wholesalers and HORECA (Hotels, Restaurants, and Caterers) industry.


Spices are defined as “a strongly flavored aromatic substance of vegetable origin, obtained from tropical plants, commonly used as a condiment.

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